Best Centrifugal Juicer Reviews

Best Centrifugal Juicer Reviews


Isn’t it about time you made that lifestyle change? Well, a juice fast or juice detox period would be a great place to start.

A centrifugal juicer is exactly what you need right now to realize your vision of perfect health and great-looking body.

In this article, we will be discussing what centrifugal juicers are and the top best centrifugal juicers for leafy greens and hard vegetables.

But that’s not all,

We will be highlighting the pros and cons of the best  centrifugal juicers just to make sure you have all the information you need at your fingertips to make an informed purchase.

But first things first, what are centrifugal juicers?


Best Centrifugal Juicer Reviews


What Is A Centrifugal Juicer?

Whether you want to lose some extra pounds, boost your immunity, prevent or manage some medical conditions or to simply cleanse your system of toxins, a centrifugal juicer is the way to go.

In order to achieve all that and more, you need all your vitamins and nutrients delivered fast, a feat only the best centrifugal juicer can achieve.

Centrifugal juicers work by chopping up the fruit or vegetable produce fed to it using a flat cutting blade.

The centrifugal juicer simultaneously spins the fruit and veggie produce at high speeds that range between 3,000RPM to 16,000 RPMs.

This separates the precious juice from the pulp. Thanks to the centrifugal force the juice is separated from the pulp and collected via tiny holes in the strainer. The pulp is collected in a strainer basket and can be discarded afterwards.

Some models feature a pulp ejection mechanism that activates once the pulp has accumulated enough. This allows continuous juice extraction which saves you a great deal of time.



Best Centrifugal Juicer Reviews


What Advantages Do Centrifugal Juicers Offer Over Other Types Of Juicers?

There’s plenty of reasons why you might want to pick a centrifugal juicer over a masticating juicer. For starters, centrifugal juicers operate at speeds that are in the area of 1000 to 24000RPM. What does this mean for your juice?

Below are some advantages of using centrifugal juicers.

  • The juice extracted using a centrifugal juicer contains most of the nutrients you need to achieve a healthy body.
  • You will get a higher juice yield from your produce by using a centrifugal juicer. Compared to other types of juicers, centrifugal juicers extract more juice in fluid ounces per ounce of fruit or vegetable produce meaning they actually save you money.
  • The juicing process is very fast which means you get to drink the juice while still fresh and free of any oxidation.
  • Centrifugal juicers are generally easier to clean compared to cold press juicers.

Best Centrifugal Juicer Reviews

In the following segment, we will discuss some of the best centrifugal juicer models. These include;


Best Centrifugal Juicer Reviews

Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain-850-Watt Juice Extractor


The Breville JE98XL has been hailed as the perfect juice extractor for people with a busy schedule. The JE98XL features a solid build designed to take up as little space in your kitchen as possible.

This centrifugal juicer is loaded with features that you will find to be absolutely functional.

These include a 700Watt motor that turns the juicer’s blades at 13,000RPM, a 3inch wide feed chute, and simple controls.

The Pros:
  • The JE98XL is equipped with a three-inch wide feed chute which eliminates the need to chop up and prepare your produce. You can feed large pieces of fruit and vegetable produce and the JE98XL will perform as expected.
  • This centrifugal juicer has a sturdy stainless steel build which means it is very durable.
  • The JE98XL performs wonderfully with most fruits and vegetables. It excels at juicing hard produce such as apples, carrots, and
  • This juicer is easy to clean and the best part is that it is also dishwasher safe.
The Cons:
  • Leafy green produce is the JE98XL’s Achilles’ heel. It performs dismally with produce such as kale, spinach, and
  • This juicer sucks in an awful lot of air. This means the juice has a short lifespan and should be stored for no more than one day.

The Breville JE98XL goes for a retail price of 99.95USD. It also comes with a year’s worth of limited warranty. It has a rating of 4.4 stars out of 5 on Amazon with over 3,000 consumer reviews and counting which makes it one of the bestselling centrifugal juices.

The manufacturer doesn’t specify whether or not the plastic components are BPA free. Comes in stainless steel, grey, black and silver colors.


Best Centrifugal Juicer Review


Hamilton Beach 67650H Pro Juice Extractor


The Hamilton Beach is another best-selling centrifugal juices available in the market. With a 1.1-horsepower motor, there’s not much the 67650H can’t do. With a large 3inch wide feed chute, you don’t need to spend time prepping your produce which ensures faster juicing.

The 67650H features an excellent quality filter and strainer which makes sure your juice has no pulp or fiber. The 67650H is the ideal juicer for hard vegetables and fibrous fruits.

The motor allows it to perform at the same level as a commercial centrifugal juicer. You’ll realize a high juice yield which gives you great returns on your money.

The Pros:
  • It has a 3-inch wide chute so you can feed larger produce which in turn means less prep time
  • This centrifugal juicer is powered by a 1.1 horsepower motor which is quite powerful for a juicer in its class. The motor allows it to power through hard fruits and vegetables easily.
  • Made from solid die-cast material meaning it is very durable.
  • The juicer is easy to clean up and is also dishwasher friendly.
The Cons:
  • Like most other centrifugal juicers, the 67650H has some difficulty handling leafy greens.
  • This centrifugal juicer weighs a hefty 10 pounds which is quite heavy.


The Hamilton Beach 67650H goes for 73.82USD and has a rating of 4 stars out of 5 on Amazon after 1,416 customer reviews.

It comes with a 1-year warranty and the plastic components used are certified BPA free. Comes in black and silver colors.


Reviews Of The Best Centrifugal Juicers


Cuisinart CJE-1000 Die-Cast Juice Extractor


The only way to describe the Cuisinart CJE-1000 would be to call it a monster centrifugal juicer. Equipped with a motor rated at a 1000 watts and five different speeds, there’s no produce that would pose problems for this juicer.

It only takes a few seconds for the CJE-1000 to turn your fruit or veggie produce to juice.

The centrifugal juicer has a blue led light dial that lets you keep track of the progress of your juicing process. It is definitely one of the best juice machines on the market.

The juicer is designed to be easy to assemble as its parts are easy to click in and out of place.

The Pros:
  • The Cuisinart CJE-1000 is equipped with a foam reducing filter that ensures a smoother, natural taste to your juice.
  • The juicer also features a 2-liter pulp bin which means fewer trips to the trash can.
  • Despite its powerful motor, the centrifugal juicer is surprisingly quiet compared to most models in its class. 82Db isn’t too bad for a centrifugal juicer.
  • The juicer has detachable parts that are dishwasher friendly.
The Cons:
  • This juicer model is quite pricey compared to its competitors.
  • The juicer has a 3-foot cord which is rather short and could limit its range.



The Cuisinart CJE-1000 retails at 119.99USD and has a rating of 4.1 stars out of 5 after 916 customer reviews.

It comes with a 3-year warranty which is longer than most.

The plastic components that come into direct contact with your juice and produce are BPA free. Available in yellow, grey and silver colors.


Reviews Of The Best Centrifugal Juicers


Nutri-Stahl Juicer Machine

The Nutri- Stahl juicer machine is among the most iconic centrifugal juicer in the market. It is powerful enough to handle hard vegetables and fruits with ease.

The juicer feature a 72mm wide feed chute that allows you to throw in large chunks of produce cutting down prep time. The heavy-duty polymer build makes it quite durable and resistant to wear even with heavy usage.

The Pros:
  • The juicer has a large 72mm wide opening so it is capable of handling large produce which means less prep time
  • With a 700watt motor that operates at 22,000 RPM with dual speed settings, it is ready to handle whatever you may want to juice.
  • The juicer is super easy to clean and the detachable parts are dishwasher ready.
  • The Nutri-Stahl juicer has a safety locking arm that ensures the juicer won’t operate without the cover being safely locked in place.
  • A large pulp bin saves you endless trips to the trash can allowing you more time to extract juice.
The Cons:
  • Due to the high operating speeds, a lot of air gets sucked in during juicing causing foaming and oxidation of the nutrients.
  • This juicer can be a tad bit too noisy.

This centrifugal juicer goes for 99.95USB and has a rating of 4.0 stars out of 5 on Amazon after 253 consumer reviews.

The juicer comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

The plastic components are BPA free. The Nutri-Stahl juicer comes in a black color.


 20 Best Centrifugal Juicer Reviews


Gourmia GJ750 Wide Mouth Fruit Centrifugal Juicer


The Gourmia GJ750 comes equipped with a host of features that make it an interesting centrifugal juicer. As the name suggests, the GJ750 is equipped with a wide-enough chute to accommodate large fruit and veggie pieces.

The juicer runs on a powerful 850Watt motor that allows you to extract as much juice from your produce as is possible.

It has a beautiful sturdy build which just looks amazing in your kitchen countertops. The juicer is super easy to wash and is dishwasher safe.

The Pros.
  • Despite being equipped with a robust 850-watt motor, the GJ750 operates rather quietly. It is among the quietest centrifugal juicers in its class.
  • The juicer comes equipped with a removable pulp tank that makes your juicing process faster and more seamless.
  • The Gourmia GJ750 has suction cups located at the bottom of the juicer. These help keep the juicer stable during operation preventing any accidental tipping. Considering how much centrifugal juicers vibrate during use this feature is especially relevant.
  • The Gourmia GJ750 comes equipped with two-speed One speed setting is meant for hard fruits and vegetables while the speed setting is for softer produce. These settings make the GJ750 a versatile juicer capable of handling a wide variety of produce.
The Cons.
  • The GJ750 has some trouble juicing leafy green vegetables.

This juicer goes for 72.99USD and has a rating of 3.9 stars out of 5 after 467 consumer reviews. All materials used in this centrifugal juicer are BPA free. The GJ750 comes with a year’s worth of warranty and is available in silver and black colors.


Best Centrifugal Juicer On The Market


Aicok Juicer Juice Extractor


Aicok Juicers are known for their exceptional quality and performance that rivals higher priced, premium centrifugal juicers.

This particular Aicok runs at a peak speed of 15,000RPM allowing it to mince and mash any fruits and vegetables you feed it.

The juicer is powerful, efficient, fast, easy to clean, and very affordable.

The stainless steel cutting disc used in this juicer coupled with a micro mesh filter allows extraction of up to 25% more juice and 30% more phytonutrients and minerals compared to other centrifugal juicers.

The Pros.
  • The Aicok Juicer is equipped with a host of safety mechanisms that include a safety locking arm that prevents juicer operation when the cover isn’t secured in place in the vertical operating position. Another safety measure is the overload protection system that shuts off the juicer when the motor overheats.
  • This juicer is easy to assemble, disassemble and clean. The juicer has components that are also dishwasher-friendly.
  • This Aicok has 2-speed modes available which adds onto its versatility. The first speed setting allows the juicer to run at 12,000RPM and efficiently take on fleshy fruits and vegetables. At 15,000RPM, the juicer can efficiently tackle harder fruits and vegetables.
The Cons.
  • This centrifugal juicer cannot run for more than a minute at a time. This is to avoid overheating.
  • The high operating speeds translate to the juicer being quite noisy.

All components used in this model are BPA free. It is available in silver-black, silver and black colors.

It’s a bargain with a retail price of 47.49USD and has a rating of 4.0 stars out of 5 on Amazon after 521 consumer reviews.


Best Centrifugal Juicer On The Market Reviews


Breville BJE430SIL


Breville is a respected juicer manufacturer. The BJE430SIL has an array of impressive features which, in my opinion, make it the best juicer for leafy greens and hard vegetables.

The Breville BJE 430SIL features advanced cooling technology that aims to address some concerns commonly associated with centrifugal juicers. These are the short shelf life of fresh juice and the possible denaturation of nutrients.

The juicer is powered by an 850 Watt motor and also has dual speed settings like most Breville centrifugal juicers.

The Pros.
  • This juicer features a three-inch wide feed chute that cuts down on prep time.
  • The cold spin feature is perhaps the juicer’s strongest selling point. Having your nutrients intact and being able to store your juice for up to 72 hours is amazing.
  • The juicer comes with a large volume jug and a sizeable pulp bin that allows you to extract juice uninterrupted.
  • The juicer is super easy to clean and its detachable components are dishwasher safe.
The Cons.
  • The juicer doesn’t exactly leave a dry pulp behind. The juice yield realized by this centrifugal juicer is dismal.
  • The Breville BJE430SIL performs poorly when juicing leafy green vegetables such as wheatgrass.

This juicer is accompanied by a year’s worth of warranty. All parts used in the making of this centrifugal juicer are BPA free.

As far as price goes, this juicer retails at 179.95USD which makes it one of the higher-priced models in its category.

It has a rating of 4.2 stars out of 5 stars on Amazon after 521 customer reviews. Comes in silver-black color.


Centrifugal Juicers Best Reviewed


Hamilton Beach 67601A Juicer


Two things make the Hamilton Beach 67601A stand out, its immense power and a large feed chute. The 67601A is powered by a powerful 800watt motor that cuts through most fruit and vegetable produce with ease.

The high operating speeds and an incredibly versatile motor allow this Hamilton Beach juicer to extract significantly larger juice yield.

The physical dimensions of this juicer are built not to take up too much space in your kitchen.

The Pros.
  • This Hamilton centrifugal juicer has a wide-enough mouth that allows you to feed in whole fruits and large veggie pieces. This dramatically cuts down prep time giving you more time to focus on juicing.
  • The 67601A is easy to assemble and disassemble. The juicer is also quite easy to clean while the detachable components are dishwasher-safe.
  • The 800Watt motor is powerful enough to extract juice from a wide range of vegetable and fruit produce with impressive yields.
The Cons.
  • This juicer is a bit too noisy.
  • The Hamilton Beach 67601A comes with a small juice-collecting container.
  • There is some bit of foaming experienced which might impact the taste and nutritional components.

This centrifugal juicer goes for 49.49USD and has a rating of 4.1 stars out of 5 on Amazon after 3575 consumer reviews.

All parts used in this centrifugal juicer are BPA free and

It comes with a 3-year warranty. The juicer is available in black color.


Best Centrifugal Juicers Reviewed


Breville BJE200XL


The BJE200XL is yet another masterpiece among centrifugal juicers. The juicer has a compact and sturdy build that allows it to perform on the same level as most commercial centrifugal juicers.

The juicer features a handful of features that include a powerful 700 Watt motor that powers up the juicer to speeds of up to 14,000 RPM.

It is made of durable die-cast metal that adds onto its stability and persistent performance even with prolonged use. The juicer weighs a neat 11 pounds which ensures it stays solid and doesn’t shake or rattle during operation.

The Pros.
  • The metal components such as the blade and micro mesh filter are made of stainless steel material meaning they will never rust even after years of heavy use.
  • This centrifugal juicer is equipped with a safety locking arm mechanism that ensures the whole rig stays solid and doesn’t fall apart due to vibration.
  • The juicer operates at 14,000RPM which allows it to power through most fruits and vegetables fed in.
  • The juicer is super easy to clean with the detachable parts being dishwasher friendly.
The Cons.
  • This juicer has trouble juicing berries and soft leafy greens.
  • This juicer comes with only one speed setting which limits the type of produce it can handle and the subsequent yield.

The Breville BJE200XL goes for 99.95USD and has a rating of 4.4 stars out of 5 after 5731 consumer reviews.

All parts used in this centrifugal juicer are BPA free.

The juicer has a warranty of 1 year and comes in silver-grey, black, silver and grey colors.


Our Top Centrifugal Juicer Picks

The top overall pick is the Cuisinart CJE-1000 Die-Cast Juice Extractor. Its performance with both hard and soft produce is impeccable and unrivaled in its class.

The top pick for easiest centrifugal juicer to clean is the Breville BJE430SIL.

In our opinion, the best juicer for leafy greens has to be the Gourmia GJ750 Wide Mouth Fruit Centrifugal Juicer. Its performance with leafy greens and soft fleshy fruits is impressive.

In conclusion, all the centrifugal juicers discussed have earned their place on the list by merit of performance and value. Any juicer in our list would be a worthwhile pick.